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Friday, November 9, 2007

Liverpool- the new European Champs!

When Liverpool edged out Beyer Leverkusen, writes Dennis D. Muhumuza, many thought it was by luck...

But then, the evening of the final in Istanbul - Turkey, they moved in for the kill and dumped Juventus along with the new English Premiership Champions out of the much-coveted Champions League semifinal. Lost for words, a
ll Jose Mourinho could do was to console himself: “the best team lost,” he said.

But heck! If indeed, his was the best team, why then did they lose? You may choose to deny it but by the virtue of their new calculative manager, pool of talent coupled with utter determination, I can’t help believing that Liverpool’s days of glory are back! Which is why it will be no surprise on my part when they humiliate the much defensive Italians on
And you don’t have to say never. There is no doubt that the Antifield boys wield enormous talent though they have always been unlucky on local scene. Remember Liverpool is legendary - they have won this championship many times than any other English team.

You may also follow the words of central defender Jamie Carragher who shortly after their encounter with the ‘blues’ said: “we are desperate to get to the days of glory!” And who can stop, a keen hungry team? To once more echo Carragher’s wisdom, “the best teams don't always win the Champions League.”

Liverpool is not certainly the best team in Europe at the moment but you can’t rule out the possibility of them returning home with the scoop after 25th of May. If we go back and turn the pages of history, you probably reminisce the glorious day Greece whipped favorites Portugal, moreover on home turf in the previous European Cup of Nations.

How about when the novice Senegalese left the world in its wake by routing defending champions France in the opening match of the 2002 World Cup! The lion’s of Taranga went on to grace the quarterfinals with their envious streaks of world-class football!

Similarly, this will be reality for a team that has waited for a long time and is probably hungry to see their reflections on the golden mirror of the Champion’s league trophy. In 2002, they managed to reach the quarterfinals, failed to win and now, the hunger is biting and the lads can’t wait.

Indeed, this year’s championship has seen the Reds dodge the sword of ejection where Arsenal, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona which are considered stronger than Liverpool fell off the swinging pendulum over to the bank before the quarter-finals. Yet, the Reds are still in full contention!

Besides, these guys have had the misfortune of missing on the talents of upbeat players like Alonso, Kewell, Sinama Pongolle, Cissé due to injuries and even Morientes who is cup tied. In fact, if it weren’t for Rafa’s ingenuity in trusting the likes of Dudek, Carragher, Riise, Gerrard, Baros and the lucky winning goal scorer -Luis Garcia, panic would have disorganized his team.

And as I write this, the quality and depth of the Liverpool squad is now a dependable one. They might have the misfortune of not defending the trophy they might win if at all they stay in fifth position in premiership but at least, it will not matter. After all, they will be the European Club Champs!

How troublesome it was to see a miserable crying Terry who just could not captain his team to the final as he has captained it to premiership championship! The agony of loosing was too much for him just like the naked joy of Liverpool fans that stripped with joy because after their team had won against the proud, obstinate Chelsea!

As it is, many fans across the world are waiting to see this joy relived when the D-day approaches for the Istanbul encounter a few weeks from now. There is unbridled hope. History sheets have it that Liverpool last won Champion’s League when a new Pope had just been elected and Prince Charles had just married.

This may be the case this time too, seeing that Charles recently married his timeless frame -Camilla Parker Bowles after which Joseph Ratzinger was crowned the new Pope!That not withstanding, on the evening the ‘Pool’ boys humiliated the ‘Blues’ out of Champion’s League, a Liverpool fanatic was shown in the stands waving a placard with words written in bold: ‘A cup of Rafa’s red is sweeter than Mourinho’s whine!’ They might want to see much of this jubilation, to see if Italian ale will taste much softer than the fine red wine come May, 25.

Whatever the case, the Merseysiders are waiting with bated breath. And I do guarantee that on that day, they will do the waltz alongside the singing of the Champion’s ballad. This I promise you!

Published on Masscom online in 2005