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Friday, February 13, 2009

Nommo Gallery in a Christmas exhibition


On December 11, Uganda's finest artists gathered at Nommo Gallery in a grand opening of a Christmas exhibition that will go on up to January 15, 2009.

From John Odoch's famous metal sculptor, Nilotic Warrior, to Henry Kajubi's Boda Boda, are diverse works that enthusiastically capture the theme of the exhibition, "Art and Culture."

It is the 11th year the national gallery holds this annual event and this time, over 36 artists have come together to reflect on the last 12 months of the year through their artistic touches.

Pieces such as Gilbert Mugabe's Village Labour, Robert Skim's Marry Me, Gilbert Obel's Vanishing Tilapia, Juma Ahimbisibwe's Out minded, to mention a few, show the inevitable linkage between art and culture and how society comes in.

As one of the guests observed, some of the creations on display are clear political statements while others make critical remarks on our moral decadence. From abstract to realism to semi-realistic works, artists largely relied on local materials and now show their deep interest in the society in which they live, and could positively change it.

It was also clear from the different eloquent art forms that long buried is the narrow range of perception when art was only associated with making portraits.

According to Nommo Gallery manager, Ms Jacqueline Ampaire, the exhibition is a showcase of the amazing talent of Ugandan artists and another opening to raise the opportunities of this country through art.