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Friday, April 9, 2010

‘I was interviewed by the CNN crew and they ended up crying…’

Brovin Kato is an actor and dancer with Uganda National Contemporary Ballet (UNCB) and also performs with the Latin Flavour. Dennis D. Muhumuza caught up with him

How long have you been dancing?
I’ve sang, acted and danced since 1997. Mzee Christopher Kato trained me in ballroom dancing (Latin and Waltz) and I was snatched by UNCB, where we only do modern, contemporary and ballet.

Do ladies hit on you after watching your slick dance moves on stage?
Yes! Mostly, they love my smile and the flexible and fragile manner with which I handle ladies on stage.
What, in your opinion, is the most beautiful dance and why?
Contemporary dance, for it tells real-life stories, but also the romantic attitude of the dance is unsurpassed.
A date with a smashing girl or an opportunity to dance for the president?
A president comes with a big audience that could help my career, so definitely I would shun the date and dance for the president.
Which living person do you most admire and why?
Apostle Henry Kisakye, because he tells one about their life and predicts their future. Also, I admire Alex Mukulu because he’s creative, verbally constructive and so hardworking that he can rehearse for more than seven hours without taking a break in between. That amazes me, considering his age.
When were you happiest?
The first time I presented modern and African contemporary ballet with instructors and pros yet I had rehearsed for less than a month!
What traits do you dislike about other people?
Not forgiving and forgetting when wronged and absence of a sense of purpose – it freezes personalities and any yoke of apathy.
What would you bring back to life if you could?
My brother. I lost Kizza while I was still young, plus my grandparents. They were said to be lovely and caring. Also, my set of milk dental formulae.
What’s your favourite scent?
I love the smell of one’s breath when they have just brushed their teeth with flouride toothpaste.
When did you last cry and why?
I was very young when I lost my brother; I thought he was still sleeping and kept asking mum why he wasn’t waking up, only for him to “sleep” till he was covered under the soil.
What’s the most expensive purchase you ever made?
In 1995 when I first sang a solo under the theme “Life is what you make it” at Sharing Youth Centre, my attire cost me around Shs300,000.
To whom would you most say sorry and why?
My parents, for they are easily forgiving and surely, they forget!
Have you ever said I love you and not meant it?
No, and I don’t look forward to doing so if it’s not true.
Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?
The poor, the needy and well-wishers.
What has been your biggest disappointment?
I got an opportunity to upgrade my studies in Britain but met a dead end when my sponsor demanded to know my passport details yet I didn’t have one.
What has been your most memorable experience as a dancer?
When I danced to “Memories of Child Soldiers” and it was broadcast live on CNN. I was interviewed by the CNN crew and they ended up crying because of the dance’s strong message. Also, when I performed for so many presidents during Chogm.
What is the greatest love of your life?
Beauty. I really love looking at beautiful things.

--Sunday Monitor, March 14, 2010