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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Entertainment show hosts need to up their game


Talking show business on the small screen, it is pretty much predictable that every week, there’s almost nothing to look forward to. From WBS’s Showtime Magazine to NBS’s Pundonor Magazine and NTV’s Login, these shows revolve around the same storyline. Could be Moses Golola flaunting Sharon O’s handbag, Sean Kingston hitting town, Chameleon becoming Gadaffi, or Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine staging shows on the same day in a bid to see who still pulls the crowds.

My editor thinks I should be a little more positive, but how can I when the bulk of entertainment fans that have already had enough of this stuff in the gossip pages of newspapers and on the internet, are subjected to the same stuff by these show-hosts, moreover, mostly, delivered superficially; in synthetic sing-song voices with plastic smiles and forced accents!

Sometimes, the viewer is forced to mute the volume of the telly and be content watching those pretty things that haunt these entertainment scenes in a quest for fame or the thrill of rubbing shoulders with Uganda’s “happening” celebrities. Evidently most of them get a kick out of appearing on the front page of smut tabloids smooching with that one-hit wonder whose song still rules the local charts.

Seriously, our showbiz presenters need to up their game. NBS’s host of Pundonor, Precious Mable has a certain sweetness and naturalness about her except she desperately needs the services of a smart script-writer, plus she needs to polish up her interviewing skills.

Susan Nava who hosts Login every Tuesday night (after the 9:30pm news) is endowed with such looks and a honeyed voice that will keep you glued to the show, or “logged in”! She laughs a lot though, and most of that laughter is mechanical. Slow down girl, you have chemistry with the camera, and your flow is desirable. I like the one-on-one segment, plus the way you do that “Hear’Say” which is all about celebrity local and international gossip, sets the pace.

The show needs to be extended by at least five minutes so that the producers don’t have to run through the snapshots all in a bid to show a modicum on everything that happen in the entertainment week. Overall, ‘Login’ remains that ray of hope; a show worth “loggin’ in” without missing. If not for anything, at least catch Nava’s end-show trademark: “I’m your host Nava, thank you for watching…I’m login’ out!”

--Saturday Monitor, October 1, 2011