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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finally a show for men

Talking may be a reserve of women, but with a new show airing on NTV finally men can speak their minds on different topics, writes DENNIS D. MUHUMUZA

After lots of ads, the new television talk-show, Men, finally debuted on NTV on Wednesday, February 1. It deals with men issues from, cars, finances, to handling women; and generally being the men we are!
The men behind Men
Hosted by Peter Igaga, an effervescent man in specs, the show shot in a presidential suit at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala, featured Ransom Mahaka who the show-host described as "the only married guy", Joseph Mukasa who has "a large family of beautiful sisters" and mass com grad Colin Asiimwe who told off the smug marrieds that "it takes so much being a man than being married."

"Guys, I want us to demystify who a man is," began Igaga.

And his panel laughed liked boys.

Easy, Mukasa said, "We are very simple creatures unlike what ladies think" and Asiimwe concurred, saying it would be easier for the ladies to handle men if only they didn't shout at us.

It got hot with the show host defining a man as "somebody who needs SFF –Sex, freedom, food!" To break it down for you ladies, if you give your man good sex, freedom to be with the boys, and a fantastic meal, you'll never worry about him straying! In fact, leaving the housemaid to do all the cooking and serving while wifey sits there watching some Mexican soap was advanced as the leading cause of hanky-panky between the man in the house and the maid – something wives so abhor.

It has been said that boys will always be boys. Indeed they got carried away, with Igaga alleging it has been medically proven that a man thinks about sex seven times a day, and Asiimwe describing great sex as "a woman being on top!" Mukasa was the only voice of reason, chiding his colleagues to stop reducing men to sex maniacs, arguing there’s more to a relationship than just sex.

The show-host steered the show well, and his guests were relaxed; seemingly unconscious of the camera. They were also blunt and articulate with perfect enunciation.Thus the show has all the earmarks of becoming a hit.

However, it should be handled with maturity especially when handling sex subjects because the kids are watching! Plus an expert say religious person or professional counsellor is needed on the team for a soberer perspective.

Catch Men every Wednesday at 9.45pm on NTV.

--Sunday Monitor, February 05, 2012