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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Apprentices betrayed Oscar Kamukama


The eighth episode of The Apprentice Africa was frustrating because homeboy Oscar Kamukama was betrayed and appealing because contestants were given a very stimulating task.
They were asked to create original artworks that reflect the African spirit. They would then exhibit at an art gallery, from which it would be determined which team was most creative and with a better business sense.

"When I saw paint and brushes I was thinking, 'oh my God,'" exclaimed homegirl Nancy Kalemba at the boggling task.

Again, the confidence of our boy Deox Tibeingana outshone the panic of others.

"My mission as project manager [of Zulu Corp] is to win," he vowed.

I knew it was a battle of battles when Matrix Corp. leader, Regina, also stressed her determination to lead her team to victory.

The loquacious Tunde the Nigerian, was excited at the idea of a fist to express the guts of African politics while the enigmatic Kathleen suggested the title of their works – "The Journey of African Cornerstones!"

Matrix Corp. thought of a painting of sticks to reflect African diversity. Oscar wanted to epitomise the attractiveness of an African woman and drew a funny one with wide hips. There was a din at the gallery where the works were being exhibited.

"Welcome to Zulu Art," Deox welcomed clients with an infectious smile that many of his female fans have come to adore. Zulu Corp. must bless the day Kathleen joined their team. The charismatic Cameroonian sold a piece for a whopping sum!

In the end, respected Nigerian artist, Chike assessed the performance of both teams, his enormous epiglottis moved up and down as he pronounced Zulu Corp winners. They had made 68,000Naira.

Matrix made 50,000Naira from the sales. For their creativity, he awarded them 293 points to Matrix's 292, making them winners on both fronts –the business and the creative front.

After the congratulations, Deox's told him a story of a needy boy they met at the exhibition. He touched fellow contestants when he humbly asked the C.E.O to use part of the money from their sales to help buy scholastic materials for the unnamed boy.

Meanwhile, Shobanjo was tired of Matrix's losing ways. "You had a better side of auctioning but didn't take advantage of that," he said. "Zulu Corp. beat you black and blue...I'm looking for a manager who can achieve. I'm looking for a manager who can dare…"

Eddie had given himself in saying he was to blame for the poor sales. But Regina "forgot" about him and pinned Nancy and Oscar for the loss. Shobanjo fell for it and lambasted the two Ugandans saying they had appeared in the boardroom twice in a row which told him their time at The Apprentice was numbered.

Then he fired Oscar. Curse the romance that's been brewing between Ghanaian girl and Kenyan boy! Regina should know Eddie told the world he's in The Apprentice to get the money to help him date Janet Jackson.

As he boarded the yellow taxi, a crestfallen Oscar echoed my thoughts, telling viewers: "I was not supposed to be in that boardroom. I feel betrayed."

--The Daily Monitor, April 26, 2008