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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Deox helps Zulu Corp to another win


With seven contestants remaining, the race for the $200,000 job and the perks that coat it has tightened at The Apprentice Africa.

Great businesses thrive on great salesmanship, and for that, C.E.O Mr Biodun Shobanjo, last week asked contestants to create original non-alcoholic drinks and sell them at a popular mall and the team with higher profits wins.

He appointed Eunice and Blessing as project managers for Matrix and Zulu Corporations respectively. And he asked them to pick their teammates to balance the imbalance caused by the firing of many Matrix members. Isaac, Nnamdi and Kathleen headed to Matrix while Regina and Blessing joined Deox and Tunde in Zulu.

The task began. Matrix used a huge chunk of their “seed money” on a juice-dispensing equipment but tactical Zulu simply hired a fridge to keep their drinks chilled.

Both teams mixed and packaged their substances, and hit the road to the malls. Here, masses literally fought for ‘Sunblast’ – then new soft drink made by Matrix Corporation.

Cameras lingered on the fancy cocktail-dispensing gadget. Our boy Deox Tibeingana was spot on, “We don’t care if the other team has a machine or a robot - we just want to make profit…”Exceedingly smart in business suits, Zulus took advantage of their outlook to charge exorbitant prices. They soon ran out of “stock”. Deox and Regina sprinted back to their office for more. To their chagrin, they found it locked.

In the enemy camp, business was vigorous. Eunice’s infectious smile said it all: surely tonight is our night! At judgment time, she excitedly told Shobanjo how her team put in 100 percent.
Deox boasted of Zulu’s parsimonious approach; using cheap concentrates instead of actual fruits, and making the best drink. Shobanjo mopped his dry lips with his tongue and wondered why they had not spared him some.

No free juice for you, sir!

Calculations followed. Matrix spent 31, 035Naira, made 86, 680Naira; profit: 55, 645Naira. Zulu spent 12, 200Naira, made 72, 795Naira; profit: 60, 595Naira.

The jubilant Zulus were next seen at Takwa Bay playing in the sand, and Deox beat Regina to a sack race.In the boardroom, Matrix was scolded for getting excited by the incredible number of their customers and forgetting the business success factor –profitability.

Eunice blamed Nnamdi for advising her to price their drinks cheaply. And Nnamdi said Eunice had wasted their precious seed money on useless cucumbers and carrots.“I was on the frontline; marketing is my thing, I did my all,” he finished valiantly.

Quickly and sharply, Eunice asked Shobanjo to fire Nnamdi saying he’s all “fancy” talk but very “weak” a player.

Shobanjo wondered why Nnamdi thought selling a cup of juice for N400 would be embarrassingly expensive when Zulu sold the same for N1, 000. He also accused him of not giving his all to the team. For that I say, Nnamdi, you are fired!”

--Daily Monitor, May 17, 2008