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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Andrew Wommack is coming to Kampala


American evangelical teacher Andrew Wommack will spend a weekend in Kampala next week. He’ll hold a teaching seminar on Friday July 11 at Hotel Africa starting at 9a.m and will the next day be hosted by Pastor Hebert Kiwanuka of Glory Christ Church, Kasubi.

Since an encounter with Jesus in 1968, Andrew has crossed the world “teaching about God’s unconditional love and grace.” He travels with his wife Jamie.

Ugandan born-again Christians, who watch ‘Gospel Truth’ on Lighthouse Television, are familiar with the soft-spoken servant of God whose greatest attribute is the simplicity with which he expounds the totality of God’s love.

His daily Gospel Truth programs are also broadcast on over 80 American radio and television channels. Led by God, Andrew founded the Charis Bible College in 1994 to produce earnest fishers of men. He is also the author of Spirit, Soul & Body; a book that Christian scholars have called the answer to the disturbing questions that keep many Christians in spiritual poverty.

His impassioned views once indulged the wrath of critics who accused him of being a false teacher, claiming that 90 percent of his teachings are inspired by the doctrines of Kenneth Hagin, a fiery American preacher who died in 2003, than God.

When Andrew invented the popular coinage –‘name it claim it’, blab it grab it’ by advising believers to speak to their wallets and command their money to come in, critics called that satanic but Andrew believes believers should always have “steak” on the their plates (be rich) while they wait for the “pie in the sky” (heavenly glory/richness).

The man coming to Kampala says the key to everything is having a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord.

--Sunday Monitor, July 6, 2008