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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ugandan Apprentices receive warm welcome


At Arirang Korean Restaurant on Thursday, it was an evening of deep laughs and good jokes at the WBS cocktail in honour of the return of The Apprentice Africa contestants. Oscar Kamukama, Nancy Kalembe and Deox Tibeingana who starred in the Lagos based business reality television show –gleefully talked about their experiences and what a cruise it had been..

They had been fired by Ceo Biodun Shobanjo but they were worthy ambassadors still, they effortlessly agreed. “Nancy and I were the first project managers of the first business task of the first Apprentice Africa program,” said Deox. He had shone up to the last four and was the only one to have led his team, Zulu Corporation, to triple victories as project manager. Deox came alone, and needless to say, some pretty hot numbers had their eyes on this enigmatic Kampala lawyer.

Oscar, a friend for all, a free spirit that loved the fun and the fine wine in Nigeria arrived with his girl friend Miria. The scribes took in her glamorous black frock and sparkling jewelry and nodded, for in the luscious beauty from the land of milk was something similar to the unforgettable hippy African woman he painted during the eighth episode of the show. Besides a pregnant Nancy was her husband Andrew.

A few clips of their action were played. After the clip about Nancy ended with her being fired by Shobanjo, Wavamuno joked, “Nancy, you hire me to go and look for that guy, ha ha!”

They laughed but big Wavah could have been determined. He seemed shocked too that everyone was in awe of Shobanjo. Does he have a yacht? I have a yacht. He went on about his 69-bedrooom house, wondering again, if Shobanjo owned one. “If he [Shobanjo] was competing with me, I would beat him!” Wavah was certainly in boasting mood. And it was not about riches only.

Earlier, emcee Kenneth Kazooba nearly courted trouble when he invited “Mr Wavamuno” to come and say something. “I’m no longer Mr,” snapped his boss, “otherwise you’re demoting me.” Someone shouted, “He needs to be fired” at which point Kenneth hurriedly apologised, and this time called on “Prof. Dr. Wavamuno” to address the patrons.

The good Prof. smiled and congratulated the trio for representing the country well. Your performance was a forward step in the business industry, he said, and hoped it was a training not just a visit to Nigeria . “This was a real story,” he said. “This was not Gaetano in South Africa [for Big Brother.]”

From somewhere snatches of Careless Whispers sipped in while Deox told a little tale about how Nigerian women, regardless what they are wearing throw up their legs whilst mounting boda-bodas called Okadas. Present were three Nigerian Bank PHB officials who laughed and clapped wildly. It was way past 9p.m. by the time the ebullient guests found their way home.

--Daily Monitor, Monday July 7, 2008