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Monday, March 30, 2009

She’s a children’s writer


Sarah Mirembe Kyankya is an editor in charge of the children department at Fountain Publishers. She has written 21 published children’s’ books and Bible stories. Some of her books include How the Eagle and Tortoise Became Enemies and The Hare and the Leopard, among others.

How long have you been writing for children?
It is about three years, since I started writing for children. I have written for the thematic curriculum and most of my books are taught in lower primary. I have also adapted some Bible stories for children such as Cain and Abel and David and Goliath.

Was your childhood dream to become a children’s’ writer?
As a child , I was very interested in reading stories and I enjoyed listening to stories being told to us. So I thought I would put this knowledge into books.

What is the secret to writing children’s’ stories?
You have to make it simple and interesting then you can read it aloud to make sure that it makes sense.
You can also pre-test it by reading to the children you are writing for. From their reactions, it would help you know if you have what they want.

Where are you from, and which schools did you attend?
I was born in Iganga, married in Jinja, and live in Bwoyogerere. I attended Namasagali College from Senior one- to senior six, then joined Makerere University where I studied Mass Communication.

What do you do in your free time?
I sit down with my children and look through pictures in books. We read to each other and play together.

What advice do you have for children?
They should read a lot because reading helps them improve their grammar skills.

--Sunday Monitor, March 22, 2009