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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Education is not only about passing through school

Title: Top Secrets of Educating your Child
Author: Fagil Mandy
Available at: Aristoc/Mukono bookshop
Volume: 230 pages
Reviewed by: Dennis D. Muhumuza

Top Secrets of Educating your Child is the latest release by well known Ugandan education consultant, Fagil Mandy, also the author of Self Engineering: My Success Story. The book which I place in the class of Ben Carson’s Think Big for its inspirational and educational value, comes with practical tips on educating your child to success.

Mandy disproves the notion by some parents that education takes place only at school and that passing public examinations means their children have received education. “Many people have been to school coming out with first classes but turned out to be incapable of solving even the simplest of problems, generating any workable ideas, doing any recognisable work like cooking, storytelling or setting up a simple home let alone interacting with others to cause development,” he writes.

He sites the typical Ugandan who knows all the nitty-gritty about soccer stars, famous musicians, world and history but has no reliable income-generating activity and argues that such knowledge is useless if it’s not used to improve one’s earning levels or being more effective and influential in society.
16 secrets are explored in the book in which the author presents the home, community and formal school as the major learning centres for children.

Mandy lets out secrets such as the importance of surrounding the home and with books, learning at home, the value of physical education among others. The book was inspired by more than 40 years experience in the field of education.

The author has conducted not less than 150 seminars and workshops on education countrywide in which he has exchanged ideas with parents, teachers and children both in rural and urban environments. It’s such numerous interactions coupled with considerable experience and academic exposure that renders Top Secrets of Educating your Child credible work.

The book will go a long way in inspiring parents and school administrators to remain conscious in equipping children with the right knowledge, intellectual skills, attitudes and physical skills that shall mark the beginning of the change for the family and the country.

--Published on Saturday, November 28 2009