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Monday, December 7, 2009

No Time To Die

Title:        No Time To Die
Author:        Godfrey Mawa
Reviewer:  Dennis D. Muhumuza
Price:        Shs20,000
Available:   At all leading book stores

It’s the story of a man born in poverty, who had his parents divorced, lived in slums, had his family knocked down by HIV/Aids, was saved by grace and survived one of the most tragic road accidents on Kabale-Katuna Road that left about 60 people dead. And in this book, Godfrey Mawa tells of his survival story and other narrow escapes in a touching way.

He tells of how he overcame all the “storms” in his life to become the now sought-after conference speaker, evangelist and entrepreneur behind Matric Financial Solutions Inc., as well as the founder of Commission International, a mission outreach organisation.

Basing on his personal experience, the author argues that God is greater than the problems of this world. As Dr Nsaba Buturo notes in the foreword: “Any attempts by you and me to navigate our way through the complicated maze of this world on our own and without recourse as well as reliance on God have been exposed as futile by our brother Godfrey Mawa…”

Mawa’s elevating testimony achieves two important things: reassuring the reader that trying times can be overcome (what he calls “turning our pains into gains”) as well as inspiring one to begin on a new journey towards fulfilling one’s purpose on earth. Writes Mawa: “I have lived to appreciate every storm in my life because it’s been my stepping stone in an upward direction.” 

The book is interposed with inspirational stories of men who faced many hurdles in the quest for achievement and who, instead of surrendering or retreating, continued to walk on “the trouble-filled path” and finally met victory. Written in a fast-paced and suspenseful style, No Time to Die also challenges all the self-confessing Christians to shake themselves from the comforts of church walls and their homes to be prepared to suffer everything if that is what it takes to win one soul for Jesus Christ.

The author uses the symbolism of storms to mean the inevitable crucibles of life and urges all never to be afraid of confronting your storms. “Storms are snares the devil lays before us to de-focus us and hinder us from reaching our destinies,” he writes. “So look beyond the storm; be determined to become an over-comer for it’s no time to die before you fulfil your dream…” This 2009 release is the most inspirational and educational Ugandan book I’ve read.