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Friday, December 14, 2007

We go for lips not lipstick

One beautiful stroll around Wandegeya acquainted us with the gorgeous Diana. The sun had just shrouded itself in setting clouds of the west; Jared, the self-proclaimed poet was still appreciating the majesty of dusk when I spotted Diana coming towards our direction.

With the poise of a crested crane, she strode nearer, closer with a bewitching smile until Jared who could not stand it anymore whispered, "she wears makeup, the weight of a ton!" and we giggled like little girls.

But how terrible her lips looked! Wish I had peeped through the ventilator atop her bedroom window, and then I would have witnessed her go about that 'smear' campaign!

Her true picture came with an overtly exaggerated pattern of eyebrows. Below the eyes, were yucky gray colours and the facial skin was way too much lighter than the rest. The lips were something between pink and red. They had a hideous glow that spoiled their fullness - "too heavy," Jared was to later describe them, as "too devilish," I insisted.

Anyway, like Diana, many girls spoil the deliciousness of their refinement as they try to make appearances. Brenda, a Mass communication student says, "makeup compliments beauty and attractiveness and makes you look better."

She however, forgets that this business is a dirty game that was designed for the stage. And now, the 'liberated' women of Uganda have spoilt it, they over wear makeup.

The bulk of the lot apply all kinds of cosmetics because they want to look 'cosmetic.' They call it 'makeup' but the definition is an attempt to correct the wrong as in 'making-up.' The argument is that girls who wear makeup are not confident enough, know they are ugly and neither can they face suicide, so they try to 'makeup' with makeup in an attempt to look chic, beautiful and smart!

Cathy, a beautician told me of women who put so much importance to makeup that they can hardly leave their homes without it.

"It's like an addiction. These are the girls who always carry small mirrors and jam their handbags with eye liners, lip balms, eye pencils, lip brows, nail polish, lip sticks and all," she says. "They will say, 'what will guys think of my lips if I don't apply makeup?"'

Cathy adds that to some women, not wearing makeup is abominable and can only be compared to appearing naked in public. Sad, huh! The sadness is further lengthened by the observation that different girls have different skin complexions and body types. So this beauty is blessed with a babyish, serene and dry skin. The other is endowed with a very oily, frog-like skin yet another has squints, small lips and rotund head. So if all these breeds applied makeup, would they look the same? Of course not.

Why? Because the unique species will negotiate their outlooks with the practical use of creams, eye shadow pencils, lip balms, mascaras of rare make and other beauty substances with adverse side effects on their skins. And at harvest time, no correct blending is realised. We end up getting clownish, impaired looks. Others get to resemble actresses playing the haggard, and weary vampire come to terrorise the neighborhood!

Could be why Herbert has long given up on such women: "I hate ladies who overuse makeup," he says, "They look ugly and cannot be marketed into marriage because they lack the confidence of beauty and have to seek the help of useless chemicals. They are cheap!"

Well, Herbert has a point. The score is that makeup is a delightful part of the girl's smartness when suitably and appropriately used. Many students think sensuality lies in modelling their youthful faces with powder or through colouring eyelashes and smearing their lips red. You probably have heard of women who cannot cry or sneeze for fear of spoiling their makeup. These are the same that toil to improve the curves of their mouths with garish designs of tacked makeup. But ha-ha, ha ha, their lips end up becoming the centre of interest, though in a twisted, bizarre way!

It reminds me of babes who deliberately distort their faces to look like witches. They use moist rouge hoping to look seductive. Then she will expect lover boy to take a bunch of yellow flowers and kneel before her appraisingly, "how attractive you look, o darling!" And if you don't, you are an unfeeling brat, an Iscariot who always ‘jumps out of her’ and never appreciates her beauty. If I were you, I would jump about, do the memorable Michael Jackson slide as I sing his Black or White… "Black or white…or pink…or red…. or white…or blue…" till I fully outline the colours formed out of her 'rich' makeup.

How about the girls who have just turned 18? They make a big deal out of it and in an attempt to look independent, bleach their skins until they look revolting with a horrible tan; which is why we have ladies with leopard faces (black and white spots) because they have messed up their romantic looks with merciless creams.

And once in a while, funny guys will flash her 'genuine' smiles with a touch of lust. Then wait to see the girl 'grow' wings knowing she is still attractive, even beam and blush satisfactorily, kumbe, the comedians were just playing the mocking game.

Benjamin Natumanya a Social Sciences student of Makerere University is one such guy, "Makeup is not that bad but there are girls who go overboard and end up looking like female ghosts. It is like they think makeup is all it takes. This puts me off…better regulated than exaggerated (the makeup)," he says.

There you have it girls, too much of anything is always bad. Get the drift; guys prefer it regulated. Besides, we do not want to contract cancer by licking that lipstick just because we like to kiss your lips!

Published in Daily Monitor, on December 10, 2004