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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eyes on the ball


On the Ball is the latest sports programme that is quickly hooking up multitudes of viewers. Coming at a time when many are more than delighted at the start of the English Premier League season, this 30-minute television show is sure to become a darling among soccer-crazed Ugandans.

The soccer show is on every Monday at 8p.m., and in just half an hour, you will catch up with the latest vibe on the scintillating Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, the beloved English Premiership, the French League, the smooth Italian Serie A and muc more.

It is also good news to people who have no access to DStv's Super Sport channels. They will be able to relive those significant soccer moments like the fierce shots at the goal, the dribbles, exquisite ball crosses, the bundled rebounds, the super free-kicks, the impressive wins and the roars in the spectator stands.

With the knowledge acquired from the show, you will be able to give WBS TV's Sport-On trio a run for their money, and armed with the mind of a true guru, you will boldly contribute to those heated soccer debates.

Sunday Monitor, August 28, 2005, page 22