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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Marriage of Anansewa at Sharing


The Marriage of Anansewa is about a poor widower, the trickster figure who uses his cunningness to become a money baron. He takes pictures of his excessively beautiful daughter and woos four chiefs to marry her. They send flawless gifts to take care of their 'object of interest' till fateful coincidence knocks; all four chiefs want to claim their bride by bringing the customary head drink. Problem is that they don't know they all want the same girl whom they are about to claim on the same day. But can Ananse surmount this problem, can he untie the 'inextricable knot' he has tied on himself? Will he manage to select the best suitor for his only beloved daughter Anansewa? What if 'Chief-who-is-Chief' the only suitor he trusts turns out to be a fox as well? Also, by giving his daughter away, will he enrich himself never to be poor again? What if other chiefs fall into his trick?

Well, get answers to these questions when you get to watch MAPRO perform at Sharing Youth Hall Nsambya on 11th June 2004 at 3:30p.m. The group comprises mainly Music, Dance and Drama [MDD] students of Makerere University.

Teachers of literature, drama critics, students and the general public with questions on bride price deserve to watch this fine comedy in which cunningness is rewarded much as greed is punished.

Transport fee to Nsambya Sharing Youth Hall is Shs500 by public means. Car owners are assured of security in the parking yard. The canteen is stocked with all sorts of refreshments.

--Daily Monitor, Thursday, June 10, 2004, page 21