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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jet 1 launching album this Easter


Ever heard of a Samia contemporary music group? It does exist and it is made up of seven Samia young men. Jet 1 Crew is their group name and they sing gospel music in nearly all genres from Pop to Afro-jazz to Rap, which makes it appealing to people of all age groups.

But this group was not born singing in the church. They lived in the same neighbourhood, with a friendship so strong they took themselves far more than brothers. And they drank themselves silly with the money they made, smuggling goods from Kenya into their hometown, Busia.

"I don't know what would have happened to us if God hadn't arrived in time to rescue us," group member Joseph Masiga says.
It was the beginning of a life-changing journey that, like a floodlight, continues to shine on the lives of many others.
The ex-lost boys joined Busia Miracle Centre, buffed their dancing shoes, then danced and sang for the Lord. The response was instantaneous and profound, they decided they could use their potential to "smuggle" God's life-giving message to wider audiences. So they formed the JET 1 crew.

"JET 1 is an acronym for Jesus Team One, which signifies the oneness of the group in that we belong to the same church, and with a single mission to represent Jesus Christ all the way," Masiga said.
They are members of Tororo Busia Group [TBG], a Makerere University mission team that holds crusades in countryside schools to take the gospel of Jesus to the young generation.
The seven-member group has through music and dance also ministered in Mukono, Malaba, Tororo and performed in Nairobi.
But it is a chance hearing of their song, by a big-hearted lady that turned their fortunes around.
The song, Yiwuma Ali Koti Ewe which in Samia means "There's None Like You," touched and inspired Ms Catherine Piwang to start supporting the group. She introduced them to Principal Judge James Ogoola, who then invited them to his home to sing for him.
"He was so impressed by our music and he went around boasting that he had met the first Samia contemporary gospel artistes," Masiga says.

Ogoola organised a fundraising to help the group raise money to record their first album. Produced at Fenon Studios by popular local producer Steve Jean, this seven-track album will be launched on Easter Monday, March 24, at 3p.m., at University Community Fellowship, off Sir Apollo Kaggwa road, next to Garden Courts Hostel and entrance is free.
"All these are God-inspired songs," Masiga says.