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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Keith Ministries stage colourful show


The catchphrase was 'come in your dancing shoes!' This was on the evening of October 3 when Keith Ministries staged a gripping dance show at Makerere University's Main Hall.

It was an exclusive gospel performance that Uncle Ben, the chaplain St Francis Chapel, also patron of the ministry, called "a beautiful day to celebrate Jesus." Prior to this, he had provoked the students into "a shout for Jesus."

The auditorium was filled to capacity with campusers who used the occasion to relax before serious lectures resume Monday.

At every move, the frenzied audience would get on their feet; wave their arms in the air as they sang along.

Indeed it was a groove-on night as the youthful members comprising the Keith Ministry danced like butterflies, with strokes ranging from the famous Michael Jackson slide to the common traditional Kiganda, Kikiga and Kinyarwanda motifs.

Some of the songs performed included the popular Inkane by a Ugandan Nairobi-based gospel crooner, Ambassador. Others were Stand Still by Deitric Hurdon and Let's Dance done by the group itself and many more. But it was the Blue Sky Dance that got the crowd giving an eardrum-bursting applause.

Mugi, the Power Fm presenter did his emceeing role distinctively; every time he came on stage the ladies would cheer. His calm jokes were no doubt hilarious.

What scored most were the costumes. From silk lesus and orange overalls, to suits, every dance had its matching costume that reinforced a kind of glitter while on stage. This, plus the good sound system, dependable lighting and how performers looked steered real glitz.

Though it was okay for the beautiful girls to spoil themselves with make-up, it appeared rather odd for their male counterparts to have their lips shine with too much makeup too. Besides that, the different hairstyles were 'too hot' [as one Ken observed], for born-again dancers. Hair that would dance on the heads in Rastafarian style was part of the package.

It was however a really good show. By the time the two-hour performance that started at 7 p.m. ended, the audience was still chorusing without any signs of tiredness to the "arise hallelujahs" in honour of their lord.

According to Keith Kibirango, leader of the group, Keith Ministries is "about reaching the youth through music and dance." He added the ministry is preparing a school tour around Kampala and Jinja.

Coca cola, Power FM and New Christian Bookshop sponsored the show.

--Daily Monitor, Saturday, October 9, 2004, page 19