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Monday, February 4, 2008

The boys are enjoying it

Last week, you must have had a smooth read with all those interesting pieces about adolescent babes chasing toothless old men. It was argued that, "Older men are like wine, they get better with age!" It was hilarious, though we missed out on the older women who date mere boys. But like always, the best must be saved for last. Nowadays the craze is that young men are running after old women and vice versa.

Guys have thrown in the towel because the smashing twenty year olds can hardly look the way of men who are 'poor' and immature, the do-it-and-tell kind. So to vent their frustrations, the 'young bulls' that, have been thought of as incompetent to handle serious ladies are now ruling the older women in the field of sexual politics.

The mother figure women that will not be shackled to marriage have cast their nets, got the catch, and are having a field day. On the other hand, the lads are not complaining and have encouraged their buddies to go on searching sprees for 'loaded' women.

They may resemble chimps, with teeth already knocked out by old age but as long as they have the cash to dish out, guys will fit in comfortably.For this reason, the Lonely Hearts page in The Monitor is ever so filled with adverts from young men between 17-30 searching for sugar mommies aged between 25-50.

One thing, these guys are looking for financially stable women who are in the late afternoon of their lives. It will therefore not be farfetched to assume that they have the ability to attract their age mate beauties but cannot because they don't have the financial muscle to sustain the relationship. The option is to hook up with hags on whom they don't have to spend.

Not bad considering that many unemployed graduates see it a kind of investment when they get older women and work for them as sex peddlers. There is the enjoyment and sense of satisfaction that comes with a teen flooring a real aged woman in addition to the designer suits, the sumptuous meals, the sleek cars to cruise around and of course, the heavy shillings that come with the package.

However, it must be a shaming experience, as some boys who indulge in these relationships want the affairs to remain discreet due the enormous age difference. This is confirmed in what someone wrote, "I' m 24 and looking for a sugar mommy who is romantic, caring and financially stable for a secret and serious affair..."

It could be that they go there not to stay but to have fun.With many getting hundreds of responses, it has become a known fact that older women are getting more attracted to young men. The reasons differ. A lively single woman (35) who owns a shop in Wandegeya was ready to speak but on condition that her name was not published. She said single, ageing mothers are merely interested in men they can twist and control.

"They have made their money, have got their status and don't want a man to destabilise their peace. That's why they go in for broke university guys, who can easily be controlled with money," she says and quickly explains that these poor guys get so much excited seeing brand new shilling notes; and have to work hard in bed to get their hands on more.

"These women want excitement and fun. They want to feel loved by someone who will be there when they call. And then, they can splash money like hell," our 'tycoon' lady said. But, why in the name of Mary Magdalene of Nazareth should a 20year-old hunk tangle with a 50 year old skirted someone?

Guys who have been there know why. As shaming as it is, most didn't want their real names mentioned. A one Moses says his uncle went abroad for further studies and left him home with his 40-year-old wife. At 20, Moses is healthy, very athletic and handsome. He says it took one weekend before his aunt seduced him.

"She played a Brian McKnight CD and pulled me from the sofa to the dance floor. I was scared but soon got lost in the embrace of the squeeze. And before I knew it, we were making love on the carpet," he says.

It's almost a year and Moses says as he laughs, "Man, she's such an amazing woman, I don't think I'll ever date those materialistic, sentimental girls again." He says he is now in love with her and will not think of what will happen when his uncle returns.

Rogers also graduated from school recently and hangs out with a sugar ma 25 older than him. "We go dancing and partying together and later make passionate love. She has taught me everything I know about love making and interacting with respectable people. I appreciate her maturity and though I had gone in for her money, it has eventually turned into love," he says.

Great sex and love for money are the most outstanding reasons why young men indulge in affairs with 'mothers.' "Women are so explicit unlike shy girls. They have so much experience and will let you explore every single sensual spot on their bodies," says Julius and adds: "They give you all the money you need, feed you and treat you like a king."

Besides, the growing guys are always available to quench their overwhelming old lusts though it will be peril if they started playing games. Remember the Bible story of Joseph and his master's wife. She had cast her eyes upon the handsome innocent and decided the kid was better than Pharaoh.

"Lie with me," she demanded, "Behold," refused Joseph, "My master… hath committed all that he hath to my hand… neither hath he kept back any thing from me but thee, because thou art his wife: how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?"

And the story goes on to say that she kept tempting him day by day but he still refused to "lie by her, or to be with her." One day, she grabbed him by his garment and attempted to force him into sex, until Joseph escaped. What followed is a sad story.Why bring in this? Because these women will give you all the money you need, open businesses for you but if you happen to shack up down into marriage with another woman, they will kill.

"They don't want to be reminded of the void they had before they met you. She would rather kill than see her prince with another girl," says Daniel who had to escape from his sugar ma and is hiding in Kampala.

Moses warns: "They are intensely jealous, some of them have even dated crazy people. They are desperate, can't stand a sexy competitor. Chew her money but be careful." So guys, go in knowing you want to stay. Drive her cars, fondle those socks (read breasts), spice up the allure, give her what she wants, wait for her death, but if you bolt, she got the cash and will hire boys to track down and put a sword on your neck.

René Angelil may be 26 years older than his super star singer, but look at how Celine Dion confessed her love before their eventual marriage, "Many years I've kept our special dream locked away inside my heart.

So after all these years, let me "Paint the truth, show how I feel, try to make you completely're the Colour of My love!" So, like the renowned couple, yours too should not be for the money, lust or satisfaction, but love, love and more love!

Published in Daily Monitor, Novermber 26, 2004