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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exam time

MAKERERE- The trying times of catching up with revision are here, but the library can only accommodate a few students. One student alluded to finding reading space as difficult as entering a rat hole. It is always packed to capacity whatever time you choose to go there.

By the break of dawn, the library is already quaking under the weight of students laying siege by its doors. When it is finally opened at 7a.m., only the fittest and toughest of the swarms will manage to enter.

Blame it on the examination period or still on the university authorities who are fond of increasing the number of admitted students per annum but do little to provide more reading space. That aside, those who manage to creep in and get seats stay watchful because as one stands up to stetch him or herself, their seat will be snatched.

It's also amusing how the beautiful girls who use the library only during examination time hassle, with tears flowing down their cheeks while struggling to find a seat in the library. Some students have to read while squatting due to insufficient furniture.

Published in Daily Monitor, January 20, 2005