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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Payback time at Mak

MAKERERE- Students who used part of their tuition fees on their girlfriends are stranded and are looking everywhere for anyone who can help them top up the money.
The joys of campus and its irresistible distractions sometimes call for using part of the tuition fees with the hope of recovering the money during the course of the semester, but unfortunately they haven't.
For those who have the money, the bank is buzzing with lines of students and even getting a bank slip is a long hurdle to jump. The other day, the guy in charge of one of the centres where bank slips are picked denied an Education student bank slips. The panicking guy begged on bended knees and could not hold back his tears but the adamant 'boss' insisted that he had been directed to dish out the papers to only Faculty of Arts students.
Just imagine how riling that can be! Everyone knows students have the right to pick those slips from anywhere at campus, but when 'bosses' make a big issue out of it, it sometimes explains why strikes at campus are ever blazing.

Published in Daily Monitor, January 13, 2005