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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The wayward ways of rabid campus dogs

Due to idleness, stray dogs around Makerere University have taken to indecent behaviour. Quite often, students have bumped into a bunch of huge and fierce looking dogs fighting to have sexual pleasure with their female mates.

These male dogs show very unsubtle signs of uncontrollable lust as they scramble to mount the female counterpart. In the heat of the moment, a dozen or more tend to forget that they are besieging the tiny paths around this great hill. Some though, with white and black strips look gorgeous even when they are howling hellfire at each other.

Such behaviour has gotten them undivided attention from campusers especially when they flaunt different, hypnotising styles in doing their thing. These dogs can't find asylum to mate in privacy – not that they care. They commit the once sacred but now abused act in broad daylight leaving Makereans hooked.

Once when I watched, one huge dog faced the opposite direction of the female. They were intertwined like woven designs in a basket. Then other males howled with obvious envy, but both dogs remained unbothered. One student who had watched the dogs play it live and unprotected wondered, "Was this a question of rape or early heat?"

"This beats me too," another chipped in, "dogs are ever horny in summer nights, it's only winter, may be kimansulo has visited the poor beasts as well, huh!"

By the time we left, they had displayed no signs of disengaging. Which to me explains the birthroots of city stray dogs the press has written about quite often. May be animal rights activists could think of ways to control these dogs or make a trumpet call for animal doctors to design dog condoms. Else their population will override that of man, at least around Makerere University!

Published in Daily Monitor, May 8, 2004