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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thingz are tight at MAK

MAKERERE- The hottest phrase on campus is 'thingz are tight!' Indeed! It's a kind of tightness that began with the confusion that kicked off the guild presidential elections. The story is now history! Kibalya was declared winner.
And as the dust seemed to settle, supporters of Jet John Mwebaze still feeling cheated caused more havoc and foiled the swearing in ceremony of the new guild team. Then their man JJT (as he is popularly known) dragged the Electoral Commission and the University administration to the High Court accusing the Vice Chancellor of instigating tribalism. He alleged that the VC said that if the Electoral Commission declared a westerner winner, he would resign. We are waiting the courts decision: will it decide to throw out JJT's petition or call for a re-run?

Ironically, this ugly face of politics extended to the halls of residences where one had to win depending on whether he played the Kibalya vs JJT politics well. It is this confusion that voting in Africa and Complex Halls was extended until Friday when students went to the polls.

Now, books have also become tight. Tests, course works plus exams are around the corner. Those still playing dirty politics SMS lecturers asking that tests be postponed.

Now you understand what is meant when campusers say "thingz are tight!"

Published in Daily Monitor, May 19, 2005