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Saturday, February 9, 2008

God speaks to Uganda again

In a Uganda where God seems to enjoy speaking to His people including the likes of Kanaabe, prophetic spirits have never been so high!
The latest message from God was to Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre. While hosting Pastor Peter Ssematimba, on one of his Christian programmes on Light House Television (LTV), Kayanja insisted that the mighty God—He of Heaven and Earth, had spoken to him about Uganda and where it is heading in this tense election time.
"It was so clear to me. We shall have five presidential candidates, one will die, one will quit, three will remain," said the good shepherd. "And it will be 61.8% for the winner," he added.
We already have six presidential candidates. Let's assume that Dr. Abed Bwanika is a little unknown, so when rounded off, five aspirants remain.
Maybe the other part of the prediction will come to pass. After all the same pastor unfalteringly prophesied the recent earthquake that shook and shocked East Africa. But even if Kayanja's prophecy doesn't come to pass, no one has a right to point fingers, as humankind knows in part, so shall we prophesy in part (1 Corinthians 13: 9).

Published in Sunday Monitor, December 25, 2005