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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Freshers Styling Up

MAKERERE- It is more than two months since first year students reported to Makerere University. Their innocence was wholesome with girls coming to lecture rooms dressed in long skirts, and the boys clad in trousers, long sleeved shirts and sparkly polished shoes.
But hardly had they discovered that their dressing style differed from that of continuing students than good old Professor Livingstone Luboobi said there should be a dress code at campus. It pierced so deep that the controversial Dr. Sylvia Tamale-the lady well acquainted with waves of liberty screamed, "Noooo!!

Others joined her protestations: "How dare an intellectual such as the Vice Chancellor say such a thing?" they wondered and before the answer to the discourse was a yes or a no, the inexperienced freshers quickly saw the light. They realised that they had been dressing as though they were monks or nuns and they have now discarded the old fabrics in favour of the true campus fad. Guys have embraced faded, knee-tattered and dirty jeans, caps, t-shirts and heavy shoes to look cool, calm and collected.

The girls strut about happy and pretty, donning long pants with visible panty lines, popping g-strings and tight tops (by the way, the bra is never the vocabulary of a campus dame.) They don't mind arriving in mini skirts spiced with slits that ascend all the way to the knickers, with their lips awash with makeup, pinned noses, rare hairstyles and model-like catwalks, what a way to go!
Campus Mania excites Kyambogo
KYAMBOGO-The previous weekend, it was a fun-filled day at Kyambogo University with selections for those to vie for Shs 1m cash in a radio game show dubbed 'Campus Mania.'
A tough and loud evening had students from Uganda Christian University Mukono, Ndejje, Makerere, Nkumba universities, KIU and the hosts Kyambogo strive to answer a series of questions.
The emcees- Marcus and Muji tried to rock the students but it was the students' unimpressive dance strokes and lame jokes that somehow provoked excitement.

When gospel singers Hum K and Harmony 6 came on stage, the crowds raised their hands in mid-air, cheering, singing and dancing along. The night wore on but the music and fun made it look young and vibrant as the crowd that had grown bigger and thicker. Students won gifts that included glasses, t-shorts, caps and much more.
In the games galore, a sport was played with the passing of a tennis ball from one person to another using only the chin and neck to help. It was fast and exciting as students yelled and screamed with glee.

Five finalists were picked from the named universities and these will be competing in a show that will run this December on Power Fm. It’s going to be tight and tough, no second or third prizes, just one winner!

Published in Daily Monitor, December 9, 2004