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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aha, that Christmas SMS

Last Sunday was one long annoying Christmas for the unemployed pack who could not afford the exorbitant transport fare to their upcountry homes.
Most annoying was also the realisation that all the cheap food kiosks closed business apparently to celebrate an incredible birth. Only high flying restaurants opened but price tags on their dishes were as shocking as the Tsunami. The unlucky lot had to hold tight their empty stomachs and yawn. Some kept scrolling through their phones, seeking some solace from the messages therein but then most of these Christmas SMSes were a disappointment.
A friend was hit by an SMS from nine people. It said: “As God waters His Creation, May He also sprinkle His wonderous blessings and love over you and your family this Christmas.”
Another message read: “May the MIRACLE of Noel bring you lasting peace and joy ALWAYS.” Now, this guy was very hungry, and broke. The miracle referred to in the SMS would not wipe away his hunger.
A roommate also got the same SMS from nine people which said: “I’ve just caught some STARS and I’ll give them to those I care about so they will know how sparklingly special they are to me. ‘...* Catch! That one is for you...****catch.'
Julius, a university student got an SMS from two people that read: 'Look outside. It's so pleasant! SUN smiling for U! Trees dancing for U! Birds singing for U! Because I asked them all to wish U a HAPPY XMAS and a prosperous new year!' What disturbed him was that nothing seemed to smile or dance for him. He was broke and hungry.
“I think this is blasphemy. These senders need to be charged in the army court marshal,"” he said dejectedly. “How can they send such messages when I’ve nothing to eat?”
It just looks like people keep recycling the same messages from the net to different people. And those who manage to be creative and use their brains sound vulgar. Check this out as received by yours truly: 'Wat kind of Xmas can I wish 4 u? A sleazy one? Nat sure. Jus hav it de way u like!

Published in Sunday Monitor, January 1, 2006