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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grand darkness Beat On

MAKARERE-Last week, the devil descended and born-again students and whosoever was interested were incensed when what was supposed to be a ‘Grand Beat On’ ended up being a ‘darkness beat on!’ By 7.p.m, campusers had thronged the University Hall (UH) grounds to be part of the explosive gospel entertainment organised by MUK Cells (groups of students who go preaching the gospel in halls of residence and hostels).

Anyhow, organisers had just finished the wiring and stationing of the heavy speakers when power chucked and darkness ensued. A small generator was quickly brought in and pumped. Poor thing, all it did was to produce cough-like sounds and kept breaking down as lights kept going on and off. The ‘devil had worked out something’ and it was not until 9.p.m that things normalised. By the time crowd puller artistes like Martin Sseku, God's Image and the dancing group, The Mechanics, came on stage, most students had left.

Nevertheless, good singing and humorous dancing moves excited whoever stayed put, not forgetting the funny bits in the 'fashion show' where male models did some rare strutting that evoked a hearty response from viewers. There was good feeling and shortly after 10.p.m, the concert ended and students left feeling rather light.

Published in Daily Monitor, April 21, 2005