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Friday, January 25, 2008

Masscom Online resurrects

MAKERERE- When the Masscom radio went on air, everyone was stitched with happiness. They thought they had found the small path that leads to celebrity world. But they were wrong. The Mass Communication Department made it clear that the radio – Campus FM 107 was for training purposes, nothing more. Students majoring in broadcasting would learn to use the radio equipment, the practical side of programming and basically what it takes to speak behind the microphone.

Of course, the jumpy girls who had thought of becoming the next Christine Mawadri were utterly dejected and complained loudly. And now, the rebirth of Masscom Online has assuaged their fears, especially second year students who are already tired of hunting for the elusive media houses and other organisations from where to do their internship.
Our prospective journalists have been told not to worry, as some will be allowed to do their internship on this e-paper. Masscom Online is a website that was started by Masscom students in March 2002. It had gone into slumber since it was being run by volunteers who have since left. But now that it's up again, campusers interested in practicing the art of writing have gone wild trying to get the scoop on whatever 'stupidity' takes place around our beloved Ivory Tower!