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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Open letter to Jesus

Such a redeeming day because we honour a man who was rich beyond all splendour but chose to be born in a manger so that he could grow ordinarily and redeem mankind. Oh happy birthday Jesus!

Words cannot explain how much money has gone into preparing for Your big day. The world is meek as it marks Your birthday, and the exceeding love You continue to pour on the ungrateful human race.

As You already know, our souls are blackened with sin. We pray that You descend on us this Christmas, forgive our sins and enter our hearts so that many of us who are blind and thirsty get fulfilment. May Your Glory be born in us as we celebrate Christmas and as we look forward to a happy New Year.

The number of goats, bulls, humble sheep, pigs and hens that have been slaughtered to commemorate Your birth are countless. Even those who have never known smartness are shinning like fireflies and birds are singing. What a way to venerate thee, the manger boy, the carpenter's son, You, only You who were and can only be born of the virgin Mary!

I have heard from the good shepherd that while in heaven the joyous celebrants will be unleashing generous hugs amid shouts of'Merry Christmas'. In Uganda, however, certain ministry officials will be dishing out free condoms so that people can go out and fornicate well guarded! What a way!

Then of course, the hangouts are stocked to the brim, as the moneyed later in the day toast to Your name; the chanced few who can afford the glamour of Sheraton Hotel or the Grande Casino while their balokole brothers and sisters rock n' roll with 'Hallelujah praise jams in different sanctuaries.

I perhaps need not add that there are a cross section of handsome and beautiful little boys and girls who will have their celebrations begging on the city's dusty streets. Meanwhile a few other lucky little ones will be breaking down bones as they enjoy their chicken nuggets in the exuberance of their homes.

Ipray all this in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen!

Published in Sunday Monitor, December 31, 2005