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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is Gae missing Abby?

Gaetano Kagwa must be missing Abergail Plaatjes. How do we know that? Because when a fan recently called into his evening programme on Capital FM to inquire about the status of their love affair, Gae talked of Abby in a dreamy, teary voice!

The Ugandan heartthrob who hooked up with the South African babe in their days in the Big Brother Africa house said, "You think I dumped Abby – oh ma man, we sms and email each other... I never dumped her."

Gae's co-presenter, songbird Juliana Kanyomozi, chimed in: "They are on talking terms, they still love each other, they are good friends." How she knew we don't know.

But rumour has it that the once hot couple broke up for good and that Abby has another man – at least Abby is on the record saying she has another beau.

While in the BB house, Gae and Abby had hots for each other, and those experienced in these matters swear the Ugandan and the South African did dive into bed to get some on a couple of occasions!

Published in Sunday Monitor, April 3, 2005