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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sempa reveals unmentionables

Martin Sempa has seen it all and done it all but the tough-tongued preacher could have stretched it a little bit when he dropped his shorts and flashed his white undie before Makerere University students. This was on Good Friday evening at the university poolside during Prime Time – a weekly Christian entertainment programme.

The pastor, who jumped onto the stage bouncing a basketball like Michael Jordan used to, was clad in green sports attire with white sneakers. First, he said that he was trying to 'keep in shape' before obesity conquers him.

Then he launched into a fire and brimstone lecture about campusers who feel too good and pull down their pants bouncing about American style. He demonstrated and in the process, his underwear was all exposed as students howled with laughter.

Also an HIV/Aids activist, Sempa preached the abstinence Gospel as he roundly condemned masturbation.

"You have to die a little and give up most of these sexual deviations," he said and likened sex to Ragga Dee's Mbawe song where some girls keep 'giving away' to whoever says tuwe.

He confessed to having been once a masturbator, a sex animal and a break-dancer who got a bald because of "break-dancing on my head!"

Published in Daily Monitor, April 3, 2005