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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Focus on the essence of the season

Christmas is a few weeks away; time to enjoy! The good news is that the world has changed so much that long gone are those days when having fun was only a luxury of the secular world. Today when the world enjoys Christmas, different people –young and old, Christian and non Christian –will rejoice to their fullest, but of course in different ways.

The focus will be mainly on the youths who tend to be reckless on such days and need guidance on how to jubilate meaningfully. As for the parents, they have been there; experience has been their master and they know what they want, unlike the adolescents especially the groovy type who will go to any length to pick that family car and end up crushing it.

Places like the Silk Lounge or Angenour discotheque will be happening for most lads who think concertrated fun rotates around bars and dance clubs. These hangouts and most others are aware and have designed what they call a 'friendly Christmas programme' targeted at the so-called generation.

As to the born-again brothers and sisters, they are sure to harvest richly as far as their moral, spiritual and leisurely lives are concerned. This is because they will be enjoying Christmas cantatas that will be playing in most churches, not forgetting Christmas dramas and other eats and drinks.

It is interesting how the festive season labours to satisfy different people –entertainingly speaking. For many, it will be about finding that place where they can watch a very nice movie and eat popcorns. Others have drawn big plans.

"By Christmas time, I'll be in the village trying to catch up with local gossip and of course getting re-united with my old school mates who I've not seen in many years," says Andrew Mugabe.

It goes without saying that many will today floor numberless bottles of Pilsner Lager in the name of Christmas celebrations. It has come to be accepted that Christmas is a day to enjoy no matter in what way.

There are those who get carried away with the pleasurable distractions like borrowing steamy music tapes or movies and watching them. Hollywood provides many of these and those who want to have a 'field day' usually have cheaply.

And the dress code rates highly when it comes to how Christmas will go. There are students who only care about putting on the latest fabrics on the market. For the young people, it has everything to do with the newest buggy jeans on the market, designer T-shirts, gold watches, and of course whatever comes with that.

"Being smart for me matters on that day," says Ivan, a born-again student. "I want to honour the birth of Jesus by being very smart. Other things like good food and hanging out come last as long as I go to church and enjoy the worship."

And talking of church, most brethrens take Christmas as a chance to fast and renew their hearts. In modern Uganda the number of Pentecostal churches has sky-rocketed and many people have gotten saved. As the Christian walk is never simple, many backslide. So Christmas means a lot to most of the pack whom go out to seek repentance and return to the flock. By managing this, they will have had a memorable Christmas.

Interestingly, some have to work and use the Christmas break to finalise or fine-tune their projects. These include students and journalists. As you are aware, newspapers work all year around, 24-hours a day.

"I'll be working," says Jared, a radio presenter. "Playing listners the most beautiful Christmas tunes gives me joy. There is nothing as uplifting as knowing people appreciate what you do."

For business people, they will hire their little brothers and sisters to sit in for them and run the business this Christmas when they leave for upcountry to enjoy Christmas with their families.

It is a happy thought how people prepare for Christmas. There are those who are quite unsure how the day will unfold apart from going to church and retreating home to enjoy the chicken soup.

It is said that happiness is man's greatest aim in life. And so people of all ages will be seeking to live happily come this Christmas day.

Published in Daily Monitor, Friday December 1, 2006, pg. 43