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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas romance at MUK

MAKERERE- The excitement is high! The already broke students trek home this Saturday 18, for a two-week Christmas break. The freshers can't wait to tell their families the story of how grand it feels being a campuser; this, after lots of club partying, hall benching and generally getting acquainted to the great hill.

At that, Campusers have to squeeze the sweetness out these festive season days. Sunday 12 was a fully packed main hall with students enjoying the Afro-Stone variety show. Great jokes, superb dance slides, shapely babes flaunting what their mommas gave them, oh!

Aside, political animals are strategising to bask in the glory that comes with being a guild boss. Next semester are guild election days, so the beat and rhythm of campus politics is on! The ambitious are on a trail circulating spicily designed 'Merry X-mas' cards. Its kind of a show off, guys are promoting their names; their political barometers have to start reading now! Which is why these pocket-sized posters are dancing in campus breeze. One reads, "I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2005. From a man with a vision for Makerere University."

For all, Xmas romance is at large.

Published in Daily Monitor, December 16, 2004