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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey, have u read those WBS text messages

You want some fun? Try watching WBS TV, especially the SMS scrollbar. It pays to watch when popular soaps such as Woman of My Life, Soul Food and Pacific Palisades are showing.
Here is a sample. "Yelo Peter, watch 'Wman of ma lyf' but remember Arsnal z da CLUB!' "Antonio is such a hunk!!"Julio's SMS: "I can have SOUL FOOD 4 supper everyday of my life!"
From Mbarara: "Hullo WBS, today we have missed watching our favourite Woman of my Life, pliz help us in Mbarara!"A plea: "Since most of us like to watch Soul Food, why not do away wiz Woman of my Life and show us Soul Food twice a week instead of repeats?"Capt. George Kamba: "God loves all those watching Woman of Life!"
But Keba lashed: "Hey, if u r watchin' W of ma L -tht stupid thing, I do no wats wrong wiz u!"

Most text messages are about heartbreaks while in others are, well, cheeky. The other week, during Soul Food an SMS from F went: "Sweetie Heart, thx 4 de 'S...' behind de shades!" Whatever that 'S' stood for!
"This Woman of my Life (Barbarita) cannot surely be a woman of any life," wrote a Nimrod. Dan went, "Hi gal, u let mi down bt life goes on," while Cathy provoked Mark: "I kno u ar watchin Pacific Palisades, yes, naye, blink ko 4 mi, ha ha!!"
"Guyz, enjoy Barbarita. Drink Coca Cola," recommended a sender who included his phone number.

"Christine," Alice advised, "Watch Lem [of Soul Food] but think abt Eddie." Whoever Eddie is.
Others: "Amiyo, you're z man of my life!"
"Plz play ma sms twice."
"Get bck 2 mi honey, yrs Sunny"
"Greetingz 2 Jessica e uman of ma lyf"
"Hi Maggie, u drive me crazy," Roy
The craze rages on! And on and on.

Published in Sunday Monitor, August 21, 2005