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Friday, January 25, 2008

Book Review

Title: Don't Miss Your Kids
Author: Charlene Ann Baumbich
Reviewed by Dennis D. Muhumuza

Don't Miss Your Kids speaks to mothers who neglect their maternal role in favour of their careers. Rather than spend time with their children, these women try to make up for their absence with expensive toys, schools and professional house helps.

It's a well-written book that helps parents realise what a treasure "those crazy, irritating, wonderful kids" are.

The author provokes career women to forget their wonderful jobs for a moment and bring up their children NOW.

She creates what she calls the "empty nest" by portraying that parents who are always busy at work are destined for empty memories during old age because by that time their children will have grown up. The parents in this category are bound to miss heart-warming experiences like "first smiles, giggles, first steps…sibling quarrels, sleep-overs and graduation tears."

By the time ones' children leave, one has either basked in the essence of their lives or missed it. What they leave behind is precious memories, both good and bad.

She ably juxtaposes the problems and frustrations of parenting with practical insights on how to keep a sense of humour, see daily crises, recognise children's uniqueness and to give yourself permission to enjoy your kids while they are still at home.

She writes that the stay-home mother sees her children grow into men and women and keeps "full-bloomed stay-at-home memories." In her old age, she not only reminisces about them, but also about how they helped her evolve!

--Daily Monitor, January 6, 2007