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Friday, January 25, 2008

Mak quiet

MAKERERE-Campus is unusually quiet. Save for a few foreign students who stayed behind and other 'homeless' dudes (just joking), the rest are home still burping following a great Christmas feast and getting ready for the New Year fete.

Strutting around Makerere, you will be surprised at how quiet it can be. The fleet of cars that always drop girls or park at the hill are no more. It is strange that one cannot spot any catwalk at the Ivory Tower. It's a secluded university. A few birds here and there can be heard chirping joyously as if to pray that the festive season forever go on.

On Christmas, I moved about and fell in love with bats whose habitat are the trees next to Nsibirwa Hall. Man, these creatures look gigantic compared to the normal sized bats! Not only do they have heavy wing-like arms, but also, their squeals can scare the hell out of a coward. While they are nocturnal and therefore supposed to keep peace and play hide and seek at night, these Makerere creatures look like they have conquered the university.

But then, we are in New Year festivity, lets assume they want to make the best of it before students return to destabilise their peace!

Published in Daily Monitor, December 30, 2004