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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Doughnut Easter for students

MAKERERE- It was a tasteless Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday for most university students. Those who tasted this bitterness were broke private sponsored students who put up in hostels and did not have the money needed for that great meal or even a memorable outing as desirable of the resurrection day.

This was coupled with the fact that almost all food joints – even kikumi kikumi's closed their premises to take part in the festivity. When hunger set in, the unlucky campusers moved up and down trying to locate any open place where they could buy something to eat all in vain. Fate was kind enough to have some shops open so the unfortunate fellows settled for packets of doughnuts, buns, and samosas, which they took to their rooms and guided them down their dry throats with steaming tea.

Nevertheless, the lust for food tore at the intestines as victims grumbled at how unfair the world is. This uncalled for fasting however became meaningful when students ambled to St. Francis Chapel where Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was showing. It had previously shown at Prime Time at the university poolside.

Touched by the suffering of Christ, the hitherto hungry fell to their knees and shouted "hallelujah1" They had just gotten saved!

Published in Daily Monitor, March 31, 2005