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Friday, January 25, 2008

Mama Miria alone, frightened, takes to crossword puzzles

As a dashing young lady, she played hard to get.
"It took some time to convince me that I can really become the wife of a prime minister," enthused the former first lady.
Last Sunday, she was on Desert Island Discs, a programme on Capital FM.
Miria Obote said her husband had to depend on the charm of his hunky pal, Felix Onama, to bring her love chits while she was pursuing secretarial studies in UK.
The naturally shy [her own words] mama whose music taste rotates around the likes of Franco, Tom John, Ronald Mayinja, Mbilia Bel and Philly Lutaya is an avid reader of classic novels.
She misses her dear husband desperately: "I've a problem of sleeping. I feel so lonely since the demise of my husband. I miss his words of encouragement," she said.
But when sleep is so elusive, she knits and fills in crossword puyzzles: "There is a South African magazine called You which has a lot of big crossword puzzles. If there is a word I cannot get, I struggle and struggle until I get it. It started as a habit and now I’m addicted," she said.
Puzzles help her when she's stressed. Disturbed she is. Little wonder her last request was Alone And Frightened by Philly Lutaya.

Published in Sunday Monitor, December 18, 2008, pg. 22