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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas fete at MUK

MAKERERE-Last Friday, students clad in red gowns and 'Merry Christmas' hoods played pool till dusk. The excitement rotated around Complex Hall as Mitchellex members threw a 'Christmas Bull Roasting Party!'

Back in Mitchell- the dance arena, muchomo was roasted on gigantic sigiris (charcoal stoves) as campusers devoured the nyama choma. It was a great pastime in wait for the grand finale, which was the Mitchellex end of year kasiki.

The evening air whirled; salons generated money and crates of liquor overflowed in canteens. Festive messages warned students not to, "misuse their bodies cause this 'monster' (AIDS) still exists."

It was like a celebration of joy, laughter and happiness that comes forth with the birth of Jesus. By 6p.m, each of the four giant speakers stationed in each corner of Mitchell's lower quadrangle was pumping great jams as students shook their heads to the rhythm.

It was a groovy night for all as even balokole (born-agains) wiggled to the sounds of gospel hits on a special 'Christmas Prime Time' organised by Pastor Martin Sempa at the University swimming pool.

The next day, the students packed ready for home. Wishing them all, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Published in Daily Monitor, December 23, 2004