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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Daddy bops to daughter's hit

Last Saturday afternoon found me plopped in a homely sofa at the reception area of the Hotel Diplomate in Muyenga waiting to see one of the managers.
In a corner, the TV screen was alive playing East Africa's Top Twenty hits. Then a man, who seemed to carry himself with utmost dignity, strode in and stood watching the countdown. The first of "our" hits to play was Rackus, that upbeat jam where Navio of Klear Kut features dancehall emperor Peter Miles.
A track or two later and the catchy Sikyetaga, the song in which Bebe Cool teams up with Angella Katatumba, graced the screen. Smiling and nodding his head to the rhythm, the gentleman quickly stepped forward and turned up the volume.
Soon, the pretty receptionist was singing along to the infectious tune. Turns out that the respectable looking mister bopping to this song was none other than Mr Bonny Katatumba, Diplomate owner and dad of hit-maker Angella, she who also is the hotel manager. What are children for if they can't bring happiness to our lives?

Published in Sunday Monitor, August 7, 2005